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Voice Casting, Remote Music and Sound Design

The world is changing, Technology makes us work from where ever on whatever, while still delivering world class quality.

We have been researching and implementing tools to successfully, and efficiently work remotely. Connecting to clients directly, on the go. Or through studios we collaborate with locally and internationally. We have the tools to broadcast live, directly from our studios to any digital platform. We can also link up with clients anywhere on their desktops, or even mobile devices.

Knowing that the right voice over or piece of music might make or break you project. We will help you find the perfect talent and tune. We have developed a great voice search tool. Its mobile, on the go and takes the hassle out of scrolling through numerous irrelevant, pre recorded, dated voice clips. Hey Lu does it all for you, click on the link below and find the right voice for your project!  HEYLU

Post your music brief here for a quote and free demo

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